Membership in the Clan Maclean Association in the United States (CMA-US) is open to all those bearing the surname Maclean (regardless of spelling) or is a recognized related family member (whether by birth or marriage) as well as anyone with Maclean ancestors.

Why become a Member

Connect with Cousins - The number one reason to join CMA-US is to meet and connect with other Macleans throughout the world. After joining recently Neil McLean commented, It feels good to be part of The Clan. Our ancestors have traveled the globe for centuries so it naturally follows that many emigrated thus making The Clan Maclean a truly a world-wide family.

Discover History - We are dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of our ancient clan, there are few better ways to learn about our ancestors’ impact on the world than by chatting with some of our historians and history buffs at a clan tent. Several of our members actively participant in the Maclean History Project.

Preserve Traditions - For many, the traditions of our ancestors are slipping from memory. Connecting with others who observe them is a great way to keep these traditions alive for generations to come.

Research Genealogy - Most of our members are very interested in their family’s genealogy and happy to compare notes. Coincidental discoveries of commonality produce joyous satisfaction beyond description.


New member packets include a membership certificate, lapel pin, documents pertaining to the clan, and blank applications for other members of your immediate family.

Our newsletter, the Pipings is published and delivered electronically to members quarterly.

We host a Maclean tent at most of the Highland Games in the United States which provides a place to retreat from the heat and enjoy a refreshment with fellow cousins.

How We Connect

Highland Games - We host a Maclean tent at most of the Highland Games or Scottish Festivals in the United States.

Special Events - Occasionally we host special events such as galas, dinners, etc. to mark various occasions.

On-line - Most of our news, announcements, and upcoming events are published here, additionally we have an active facebook page.

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