Membership Fees

The activities of Clan Gillean, USA are funded primarily by the membership fees of its members. We work hard to ensure that our fees remain as low as possible while continuing to support our members.


Category New Member Fee Annual Fee Total
Regular $15.00 $25.00 $40.00
Life $15.00 *$250.00 $265.00
Adherent $15.00 *$250.00 $265.00
Convert to Life - *$250.00 $250.00

* One Time Fee

The New Membership Fee of $15.00 must accompany the membership application. The applicant may also include the pro-rated dues amount. If not, the treasurer will then be responsible for billing new Life and Adherent Members, and he shall bill new Regular Members according to the schedule on the right.

Date of New Member Payment Pro-Rated Annual Fee
*June - July - August $25.00
September - October - November $18.75
December - January - February $12.50
March - April - May $ 6.25

New members who join in September through May will then be billed for the full Annual Fee in July, just as all other members.

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