A Neighbor Helping Neighbors


Joseph MacLeanSouth Maui resident Joseph MacLean is helping housebound residents stay safe and healthy by offering to pick up and deliver their groceries, medications and supplies. Photo courtesy of Joseph MacLean

In times of crisis, many of us think of Mister Rogers, who once said: Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.

Joseph MacLean is one of those people.

In early March, as the threat of coronavirus grew even more dire, MacLean began to worry about several of his neighbors who were elderly or immunocompromised. I know people are nervous, stressed-out and scared, he said. I wanted to do something to make them feel better . . . and to help keep them as safe as possible.

In the days that followed, MacLean made the rounds in his Maui Meadows neighborhood. He reached out those who were unable or afraid to leave their homes and offered to shop for and deliver groceries, medications and supplies. Realizing there were others who may be housebound — either through self-quarantine or out of fear of being exposed to the virus — he placed an announcement offering his doorstep delivery service in The Maui News’ community section on March 18.

And that’s when his phone started ringing...


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