Don McLean Looks Back on 50 Years of Music


Had he never sung another note after “American Pie” and “Vincent,” Don McLean’s legacy and impact as a singer-songwriter would have been cemented. But those early hits paved the way to a prolific and eclectic career, one that will be embellished even further with the release of a new studio album later this year. And now, thanks to a huge digital project, you can stream just about everything McLean has ever recorded.

Earlier this month, a deal with Time Life brought a treasure trove of McLean material to the digital sphere for the first time. Included are studio albums of mostly original material from his 70’s heyday, like Chain Lightning and Prime Time, all the way through to newer triumphs like 2009’s Addicted To Black. The release also shows McLean’s willingness to go wherever his artistic muse takes him: Christmas music, children’s songs, even a Marty Robbins tribute album.

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