Thirty Years Our Chief

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Sir Lachlan MacleanThirty years is not really that long, Sir Lachlan observed when reminded that 2020 marks his 30th year as Chief of the Clan Maclean. From the beginning of his tenure, Sir Lachlan saw himself as having a responsibility to be involved, and supportive of the clan, it’s associations, and of course individual Macleans. He recognizes, and does a fine job, of walking that fine line between being the symbolic head—as opposed to the elected leader(s). His (usually quiet) leadership has provided a our Clan a stability through the passing of a millennia.

Avery MacLean - Lincoln resident starts Sibling Bread Collaborative to share bread.

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When Cornell University closed in March because of the pandemic, freshman Avery MacLean returned to her home in Lincoln and started making sourdough bread.

She began to think of ways she could help out and soon realized people were trying to avoid going out of the house to shop. That sparked the idea of starting a bread delivery service and the Sibling Bread Collective was born, with the goal of sharing bread and sharing profits with COVID-19 relief funds.

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People urged to cook for their neighbours during lockdown

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A Scottish entrepreneur wants to encourage people to cook food for others in their community during the lockdown.
Donnie Maclean, from Fife, said he had developed Virtual Community Kitchen to help provide home-cooked meals to the elderly and vulnerable.
Live programmes on Zoom will teach people how to make nutritious meals with affordable ingredients.


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