Nothing stops a Maclean

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Les MacLean went to Frederick, Maryland Celtic Games last weekend. Great games and they sure treat sponsors and clans well. He went alone and set up the MacLean Tent. Then, around 2 pm, a storm came through with heavy rains and violent, gale strength winds. It took three of us ( refugees coming out of the rain) with ropes to keep the tent from blowing away. Soaked, everyone and the tent survived only to have another storm come though an hour later. Many clans packed up and left. However..., Clan MacLean stayed and had a great soggy afternoon, Then a man came to the tent as Les was trying to savage his displays, with intermittent bouts of profanity, and told Les he had to follow him (what did he do??. He behaved.).So they marched up the green to where a mass band was playing and as they came around to the front, a man (the Head of the games) was speaking on a microphone. He said, "and, we appreciate Les sticking it out, We wish to present this trophy to Les MacLean, Clan MacLean for the best clan tent. Les was floored (he's kidding isn't he?) He handed Les a beautiful glass trophy. Les walked forward, took the trophy, shook his hand as showed a big smile, then got away quickly before they could reconsider. Les took his time packing up, and with less profanity, He made it back to the hotel. It was 7pm. He laid down on the bed, still in his wet kilt, and woke up 12.5 hours later. The sun was shining and The MacLeans had left their mark. The ride home was nice. Thank you Frederick and the Saint Andrews Society of Mid Maryland for a fantastic game.

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