Clan Maclean

Association in the United States


Connecting cousins within the U.S. and across the rest of the world


Sharing, learning from, and recording more than 16 centuries of history


Celebrating and adapting the best of an ancient kindred in the modern world


Preserving the culture, values, and connection of kith, kin, and clan

St. Kilda's School Pipe Band
St. Kilda’s School Pipe Band wearing the Maclean tartan in the New York Tartan Day Parade


Connecting Kin & Clan

Welcome to the Clan Maclean Association in the United States. We help Macleans connect with American kin, clan, and family.

We work to preserve and share the history of our ancient clan and continue the traditions, music, and stories of our forebearers. You can usually find us at most Highland Games, and occasionally we host galas, ceilidhs, and other get-togethers. We hope to see you at one!

We invite you to join us and connect with the ancient world-wide Maclean family.

Welcome to our very large supportive family of the Clan Maclean in the United States. We are a very proud group of friends—proud because we are Macleans, with a heritage of noble leaders, fierce warriors, romantic poets, and good company. – Les McLean, President

A Special Message

From the Chief

“The strength of a unified Clan, such as ours today, is no longer found in stone and mortar. The strength of our Clan today is found in the individual – in each one of you, whether man, woman or child, no matter where you be. It is found in your blood, in the pride which you have for your ancient name and the heritage which lies behind it, it is found in your very heart. It is indeed a challenge.”

Sir Lachlan Maclean, 2021
Sir Lachlan Maclean at home
Sir Lachlan Maclean at home 2021

Duart Appeal

Help Restore Duart Castle

The Keep of Duart Castle was built in 1360; the wings were added in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the late 17th century, Duart was put to ruin by the Earl of Argyll. In 1911 the 26th Chief bought the ruins and restored the building you see today. Duart remains one of the few original clan seats that has survived as the home of the Chief and his family while also being open to the public.

Since 1911, the Chief has personally funded repairs at Duart. Historic Scotland Foundation has committed to fund half of the cost of the repair and preservation. Contributions from donors like you are needed to save the castle and its heritage.


Maclean Cousins In the Spotlight