They gather together as a group to create gifts of comfort, hope and peace.

More specifically, the Ladies of Faith Alive Church Prayer Shawl Ministry in Bowmanstown make memory blankets for Alzheimer’s patients.

The group crochets various items such as prayer shawls, lap robes and chemo hats, all of which are distributed to nursing homes and assisted living centers.

Generally, all the crocheting is done by the individuals in their homes, according to Linda Hartranft-Johnston, who serves as the facilitator.

She said they use yarn for the lap robes and chemo hats, and embellishments like little and big beads, fancy-colored ribbons, and big fancy buttons for the fidget blankets.

Hartranft-Johnston, of Bowmanstown, said the group formed in 2018, and has since averaged making at least 100 shawls and 100 lap robes per year.

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