If you want to pick an amazing teacher, then Jessi McLean should be your pick. Her ability in teaching students to achieve their greatest potential is amazing. She gives all of herself before school, after school, and at her lunch time.

She has had past students ask to be tutored by her so they can be successful in their current math classes….. yes, she is that good.

She’s had future students come for tutoring because the older siblings had her as a teacher and the parents wanted their child to be ready for Middle School math, knowing she would be able to help them

Not only does Mrs. McLean give her Math gifts, she gives monetarily also. If she sees a student in need of ANYTHING, she will just go out and buy it. She has a huge heart and can’t stand to see a student in need. She has purchased food, shoes, shirts, pants, pencils, pens, special clothes for special occasions the student wouldn’t otherwise have, and the list could go on.

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